Core Business Services

  1. Consulting: economic development, governance, negotiations, business development, strategy, capacity development, environment;
  2. General Construction: road building, environment, safety;
  3. Transportation: water, ground, and helicopter
  4. Drilling and Blasting
  5. Water Hauling & Water Filtration
  6. Hydro Seeding
  7. First Aid
  8. HVAC
  9. LNG Plant and Terminal Physical Security Services: Threat Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Studies, Investigations, Drug Testing, Consulting, Training and Audits, And Physical Security Services;
  10. LNG Plant and Terminal Health and Safety Operations;
  11. LNG Pipeline Security and Monitoring
  12. LNG Terminal Marine Operations: Marina and Port security services, tug and barge operations, mooring services, marine loading operations, spill response;
  13. Human Resource Services: accredited security training and licensing, recruiting, professional development
  14. Environmental Assessments, Studies and Remediation Services for terrestrial and marine environments;
  15. Geophysical And Hydrological assessments, consulting and management services;
  16. Transportation and logistic support and services;
  17. Communication and Geospatial technologies and services;
  18. Specialized engineering, construction, and material supply
  19. Crane and Heavy Haul Services
  20. Electrical Contracting and E-Building Construction