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Biography of Steve Christopher Wilson

Haisla Nation



Steven Wilson is Haisla from Kitamaat, British Columbia. As is Haisla tradition he followed his mother and was born into the Beaver Clan. His feast name is Dux la xa a name that comes from his father, who was in the Eagle Clan. In 2005 the Beaver Clan put a Button Blanket on him as recognition for the work completed on behalf of the Haisla People. In Haisla Nuyem the wearing of a Button Blanket can only be done when someone else deems you worthy of the honor, meaning that no person can make a blanket for themselves and wear it.


Steve is the Managing Partner and Founder of Qooluun Ventures Inc. Previously he started Raven Resource Consulting and is the former elected Chief Councilor of the Haisla Nation where he served 4 successive 2 Year terms under very difficult circumstances beginning in June 2001. The 2001 audit showed a $1.9 million deficit, Accounts Payable $2.4 million, Accounts Receivable $300K, $1.1 million payable to the Haisla Investment Account, $720K owed to the School District, and 2 Years behind on Capital Projects totaling $3 million. 


As the Chief Councilor he led a team that completed a $14 million cumulative turn around in 7 years. The team developed comprehensive restructuring on the community's political, financial, and administrative institutions. The areas that have realized significant growth are in financial management, administration, education, housing, community development, fisheries, forestry, economic development, and treaty negotiations. As the Chief Councilor/Chief Negotiator he has led the negotiation with local and regional industrial corporations to address business development, capacity development, environmental stewardship, environmental response, equity ownership, taxation, leasing, procurements, and employment.


Many of the business development opportunities did not exist prior to June 2001 and the achievement has been a result of a great team analyzing the environmental, social, and economic impacts to proposed development and defining interests through Impact Benefit Agreements (IBA). The IBA is a legal instrument that reconciles traditional values with the interests of the proponent in a modern context. The principles of the model are consistent with many of the legal principles established by Canadian Judiciary in Reasons for Judgment in many landmark decisions at the Supreme Court of BC, BC Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada. The reconciliation component is based on a structured approach to First Nation culture, environmental stewardship, accredited training and systems for trades and management as core elements of legal instruments.


Qooluun Ventures Inc is the culmination of experience on First Nations Governance, Fiscal Management, Industrial Relations, Government-to-Government Relations, Consultation, Accommodation, Aboriginal Rights and Title, Treaty Negotiations, Business Development, Financial Modeling, Project Management, Environmental Management, Strategic Planning, Visioning, and Impact Benefit Agreement Negotiations.