Statement of Qualifications as a Haisla Owned Business Operating in Haisla Traditional Territory

In respect to development within Haisla Territory there are a number of agreements between the Haisla and proponents. Under those terms a Haisla Owned Business is defined as a business owned by the Haisla Nation, Partnerships, or Haisla Individuals who own the majority equity, being at minimum 50.1%.

The agreements do not provide exclusive access to benefits to the Haisla Nation Council or its agents. The agreements are intended to benefit all Haisla Members and Qooluun and its subsidiaries and partnerships have been incorporated as legal entities to engage in the vast opportunities that are available to all Haisla.

Qooluun Ventures Inc. (QVI) was incorporated on October 19, 2012 under the Business Corporations Act of BC and under the number of: BC0953183.

Chinoogwi, a Joint Venture of Qooluun, was registered as a Partnership on July 8, 2011 under Registration Number FM0561135


Steve Wilson, Managing Director

Cell: 250-615-2693


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Share Structure

Class ‘A’

Qooluun Ventures Inc. is a wholly owned family business that was designed to serve the families of the Beaver Clan leadership consisting of:

Hemaas Legaix, Haisla Chief, known as Rod Bolton Jr., owner of the Yaksda Wai wais where Rio Tinto Alcan and Shell is situated.

Dux la xa, known as Steven C. Founder and Managing Partner of Qooluun Ventures Inc.

Grace Smith

Louise Barbetti

These Haisla represent 100% ownership of the corporation.

Class ‘B’

The family members of the Class ‘A’ shareholders are entitled to 1 (one) Class ‘B’ non-voting share each.