Weegit's Water

Weegit's Water

Weegit's Water Corporation (WWC) employs a multi stage water purification and conditioning process that provides water for human, animal and plant consumption.  The purification stages are similar to existing processes but includes a few steps to remove harmful energy signatures.  Another important purification step is a propriatory step that optimizes the internal structure of the water so that the bio chemical reactions necessary for life is greatly enhanced.

Human Consumption

Several grades of water are available;

  1. Consumer Grade
  2. High Performance Grade
  3. Medical Grade
  4. Military Grade
  5. Aerospace Grade

Animal Consumption

A couple of grades are available;

  1. Industrial Grade
  2. High Performance Grade

Plant Consumption

A couple of grades are available;

  1. Industrial Grade
  2. High Performance Grade

Marketing Strategy

Primary water production is not for direct sale to public consumers in the first 5 years but only for internal use and benefit of WWC. For example a fixed percentage of water production will go into the manufacturing of beer, wine and spirits. A series of strategic partnerships with breweries and distillers will be the initial focus of WWC. Value added products that maximize profitability will be targeted.

A wait list of distributors that will distribute water for public consumers will be developed during the 5 year start up period.

Small scale animal production partnerships that produce high value animal products will be sought.

Small scale farms that produce high value farm products will also be sought as partners.

Production Plan

Three phases of production will be implemented;

  1. Prototype Production Levels
  2. Small Scale Production Levels
  3. Large Scale Production Levels

Prototype Production

Several low volume production prototype configurations are available for development. The lowest cost employs Zero Water filtration technologies which uses 5 stage filtration processing to remove solid contaminants and harmful mineral contaminants. It produces very clean water from tap water and other non clorinated or fluoridated water sources. It produces clean water for the second stage.

The second stage employs low energy custom processing that removes harmful structural components of the water. Special additives enhance the beneficial structural components is added to the water.

The third stage employs high energy custom processing that removes a significant portion of the harmful structural components of the water and also clears the water of harmful energy signatures it has picked up from its environment. Through this stage it is considered a 1 times strength in a pure form. (1x) Its purity and structural integrity is estimated to be 98 percent. This would be suitable for high volume production as it goes through the whole cycle once and is the least costly to produce.

A second pass through the third stage will only improve the increase the purity and structural intergity by about a quarter percentage however this small percentage has a dramatic effect on the biological processes of the living organism. Biological reaction rates are optimized and any food or supplements are absorbed more efficiently by the living organism.